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"From the first day discussing our plan until the doors were installed, the service and customer service that we received was outstanding. I highly recommend All Idaho Door to anyone looking for quality at a fair price."

- Tim Rawlings

Frequently Asked Questions

1Does my garage door require maintenance?

You should keep your garage door maintained for reliability, quiet operations, and safety reasons. It can also help you avoid a costly repair and the inconvenience of having a vehicle trapped in the garage. Your annual All Idaho Door maintenance technician can inspect the units, lubricate where need and tighten any lose bolts.

2Should I fix a broken garage door spring myself?
Replacing a broken garage door spring, specially a torsion spring, should be left to a trained and licensed professional. It is dangerous because a spring could snap or the door could fall and cause bodily injury or damage to the door.
3Do I need garage door insulation?
Whether or not you need an insulated garage door depends on your needs. However, an insulated garage door is more energy efficient, quieter, and more durable. Since most garages are connected to the home, the temperature of your garage can play a role in the homes efficiency.
4Can I get a garage door opener if I have low ceilings?

There are options out there for garage door openers that work with low ceilings. Both Wayne Dalton and Liftmaster offer options for low ceiling garage door openers. Contact All Idaho Doors to learn what option would work best for your garage space.